who we are

ephemeral images provides organisations of all sizes with affordable high quality live streaming, podcasting, film and branded video content creation and production capabilities that engage your audience and build your brand.

For nearly a decade ephemeral images has delivered content for sports, community organisations and corporates, developing numerous unique approaches for delivering high quality content for our clients at very competitive prices.

We love to innovate in order to bring ingenious solutions and offerings to our clients.

Live Stream Ticketed Events

Reach and engage with
your audience through
ticketed live stream events


Video content creation
with scripting expertise to connect
with your community


Engage your audience through
podcast capability on your
multi-media platforms

We turn your ideas into captivating and engaging content.
Our talented and experienced creative team at ephemeral images helps you create live streams, video and podcasts
to drive engagement with your audience and clients.

In a media and tech savvy world videos and podcasts are now vital
to engaging and informing your audience.

Whether you’re a corporate, government, sporting and arts organisation
or organising an event or festival we will extend your reach.

For savvy businesses with foresight around building their audience
we also offer consulting services to build in-house live streaming capabilities.

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