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Ep30: PlayBack #3 choice bits from Episodes 12-15

Shooting the Breeze Episode 30 Playback #3

Welcome to the third instalment of our Playback series on Shooting the Breeze highlighting choice bits from podcasts Episodes 12 through to 15.

From Ep 12 we get an insight with local Sydney player…

Ep29: Carly and Chris Boag twin Flames

In Ep29 of Shooting the Breeze we chat with twins Carly and Chris Boag. The Boag sisters have that twin telepathy thing happening finishing each others sentences. Our dynamic duo are probably the only twins that play side by side in the same…

Ep28: Anneli Maley Reaching New Heights

In Ep28 of Shooting the Breeze we chat with new Flame Anneli Maley as she embarks on her first season for Sydney in the Far North Queensland WNBL hub.

The tropic tussle has turned up the heat on and off the court in the most challenging season ever…

Ep27: Mary Konstantopoulos Hear Her Roar

In Ep27 we chat with Mary Konstantopoulos ‘Mary K’ from Ladies who League.

A trailblazer in Aussie women’s sports since 2013.

Mary Konstantopoulos, better known as MaryK from Ladies who League is our guest on Shooting the Breeze this week….

Ep26: Lauren Mansfield Living The Dream

It’s Episode 26 of Shooting The Breeze and our guest is new Flame Lauren Mansfield.

A seasoned player with a cool head Loz is a valuable addition to the team for the pressure cooker that is the WNBL Tropical Tournament.

We got some time with Loz…

Ep25: Angus Wildblood Cue the Mic

It’s time for Episode 25 of Shooting The Breeze.

Today we chat with a longtime supporter of the Flames and one of the stalwarts of the behind the scenes team, Angus Wildblood, The Flames courtside announcer.

Manning the mics for the team for…

Ep24: Nat Burton Homecoming

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” ― Brene Brown

As the team heads into the hub we catch up with WNBL veteran and Opal Nat Burton.

A timely podcast, we’re glad to have the opportunity to talk to one of the…

Ep23: The Legendary Landon

It’s time for the first episode of series two of Shooting the Breeze.

In Ep23 we chat with the doyenne of Sydney Basketball Lorraine Landon. A true national treasure she created history in 1989 by becoming the manager of both the Sydney Kings and…

Ep22: Playback #2 choice soundbites from Ep7-11

Welcome to STB PlayBack in our second instalment of our playback series highlighting choice bits from podcasts Episodes 7 through to 11.

From Ep 7 we get an inside with BNSW CEO Maria Nordstrom into the successful bid for Australia to host the FIBA…

Ep21: Alison Schwagmeyer-Belger gets her Sydney Swag on

Alison Schwagmeyer-Belger is one hard working veteran and she’s coming to Sydney!

A competitive hard-working baller from Illinois, she’s formed her game in tough leagues around Europe, and has landed Down Under.

‘Swags’ brings an amazing work…